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Powerful Corded Electric Grass Sweeper The HYSW1600E is a lightweight, budget-friendly corded grass sweeper/brush from Hyundai. A must-have gadget for anyone with artificial grass in their garden, it’s also suitable for clearing driveways and paths of twigs and leaves. Refresh Artificial Grass This electric brush cleans down to the ‘roots’ of artificial lawns to increase its lifespan, clearing it of any debris. This brush is ideal for rejuvenating flattened artificial grass and astroturf, bringing it back to life to look as it did when it was first laid and also creating that classic British striped lawn effect. Lightweight Sweeper Weighing just 13.3kg, this electric grass sweeper is really easy to use in your garden. The sweeping action also self-propels the machine forwards, meaning all you have to do is steer it across the grass. 5 Adjustable Sweeping Heights This electric lawn brush’s 5 adjustable sweeping heights, ranging from -12mm to +6mm, allow you to remove even the most stubborn debris from the base of your artificial grass, not just meaning your garden will be clean and tidy but also that it will leave your grass looking refreshed. 380mm Working Width The HYSW1600E’s working width of 380mm / 15” will get your artificial grass looking refreshed quickly and effectively. Please note that if your artificial grass edge is against a wall or fence, it will leave a wheel width (around 6”) unswept along the edge so will need a quick sweep with a handheld brush; however, if the grass edge is against a flush patio or flowerbed, you will be able to sweep right to the edge of the grass. 45L Debris Collection Bag With its extra-large 45L collection bag collecting any leaves, twigs, stones, clumps of dirt, or other debris as you sweep, acting as an artificial grass hoover, it means that there’s no mess to clean up after sweeping to get the job done even quicker. Powerful Brush The HYSW1600E’s strong, long-bristled rotating brush has a chunky 128mm diameter for maximum deep cleaning efficiency. Multi-Use Despite being designed for sweeping artificial lawns, you can also use this artificial grass power brush for sweeping pathways, driveways, yards, and decking areas. Low Maintenance Grass Sweeper As this artificial grass power broom is electric, it’s incredibly low maintenance – you won’t have to worry about mixing oils, dealing with stale fuel, or other routine maintenance that accompanies petrol machinery ownership. Simply plug it in and off you go! Extra-Long Power Cable The HYSW1600E’s convenient, extra-long 10m power cable will give you ample room to sweep the artificial lawn in your small/medium-sized garden without having to reach for an extension cable. 3 Year Warranty This corded electric sweeper is covered by Hyundai’s 3 year platinum home-use warranty, or a 1 year commercial warranty, for your peace of mind, and also has full UK-based parts backup to maintain your machine for years to come. At A Glance: Ideal for refreshing artificial grass and sweeping patios, driveways, etc 1600W artificial grass sweeper Large 45L debris collection box for easy clean-up Lightweight at just 13.3kg Working width of 380mm – ideal for small to medium lawns 5 adjustable sweeping heights Long 10m power cable Low maintenance Easy to use 3 year Hyundai warranty Key Features 1600W electric grass brush: Ideal for sweeping and refreshing artificial grass Multi-use: Also suitable for sweeping pathways, driveways, yards, and decking areas Lightweight at just 13.3kg: Self-propelled motion makes it even more effortless to sweep 5 adjustable sweeping heights: Remove debris from the ‘root’ of the grass 380mm working width: Gets the job done quickly and effectively Large 45L collection bag: Collects leaves, twigs and other debris as you sweep, minimising clean-up Ultra-low maintenance: Simply plug it in and off you go 10m power cable: Saves you having the need for an extension lead Peace of mind: 3 year home-use warranty and 1 year commercial (terms apply)*

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