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This diesel generator would be suitable for powering a large home or office, or a number of site cabins on a construction site, using it’s powerful 22kW/27.5kVA output with a single phase supply. Running at 1500rpm it is a very low stressed generator and has a very long lifespan, as the rev rate of the engine is typically half that of a conventional diesel generator of this size. All standard Hyundai 1500rpm diesel generators above 15kw are designed to be used as stationary generators for standby or prime power supply. The DHY22KSEm Diesel Generator is part of the Hyundai silenced range, where due to the weatherproof acoustic body, large exhaust and the the economical engine, the noise levels whilst running are kept to a minimum, making for a very quiet run considering the size and output. All Hyundai 1500rpm diesel generator sound proof canopies undergo an anti-corrosion painting process called electrophoretic painting. This process ensures all areas of the canopy have an evenly applied thickness of paint, ensuring maximum corrosion protection. As with other models in the Hyundai range, the brushless AVR alternator produces a smooth power output, has a digital control panel, offering accurate overload and engine protection and includes a large base-level fuel tank, which is easily filled up from the outer shell of the generator, and makes for an extended run due to it’s volume. For the recommended usage of this generator, please see here. All of our single phase generators have a kVA rating that is higher than the kW. This is because we have assumed the appliances you are going to power have a load factor/power factor of 0.8 – therefore the ‘assumed’ kVA rating of the load would be higher. This is industry standard and it is usually best to scope the right unit based on the kW. Kerbside delivery included – please note – forklift required for unloading Key Features 22kW/27.5kVA maximum output and single-phase supply Powered by a Hyundai 1500rpm diesel engine, giving a longer lifespan and better economy Stationary genset suitable for both standby or prime power supply. Weather-proof silenced canopy which helps to decrease noise levels. ATS-compatible, and can be easily installed with optional transfer switch Large fuel tank for extended running times Key Features Hyundai engine Producing 28kVA of reliable standby power.Silenced canopy Lowering the noise pollution and protecting it from weather.1500rpm Lower engine revs extends the lifespan of the generator.AVR alternator Can safely power sensitive electronic appliances.ATS compatible Can be paired with an ATS system for automatic start up and shut down.

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