Hyundai HY100 270cc 8.3hpProfessional Petrol Water Pump – 4 /100mm Outlet


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The HY100 is a petrol-powered self-priming centrifugal water pump from Hyundai. Powered by the 389cc Hyundai 4-stroke single cylinder petrol engine the HY100 produces a max output of 13 hp. Transferring large volumes of water quickly and effortlessly the HY100 is ideal for domestic, commercial and professional pumping applications.The HY100 is ideal for flood defence, construction work or use in commercial sectors where large transfers of water are necessary and provides a maximum flow rate of 1250 litres per minute, allowing a rapid transfer of large pools of clean water. This impressive pumping power is made possible due to the large 4 (100mm) inlet and outlet and is designed to be used primarily in freshwater, capable of processing solid particles up to 9mm in diameter and providing a suction lift of 7m, and a total lift of 25m. Weighing 41kg, this is a lightweight water pump that is built with transportation and storage in mind. The sturdy open frame protects the pump from knocks and bumps and also functions as convenient carry handles.In the box: HY100 Petrol Water Pump & User Manual All Hyundai water pumps are supplied with a Hyundai 3 year platinum warranty.&nbsp 389cc Hyundai engine: Providing impressive and reliable pumping power. Ideal for irrigation, drainage utilities, construction, hire fleets and wash down applications 4 inlet and outlet. Lightweight design: For easy transportation and storage. Abrasion resistant 6.5L fuel tank: Providing a long running time for uninterrupted pumping. Open frame: Protects the water pump from any knocks and bumps. Covered by 3 year warranty

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Weight 33.5 kg
Dimensions 660 × 510 × 550 cm




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